Rob Ambrose

Co-founder Rob is a consultant, industry analyst, writer and technologist providing strategic advice to media companies on markets, technology, business, operations and workflow. He likes nothing more than getting stuck into tech for media business systems, content supply chains and online video platforms.

Tom Morrod

Co-founder Tom has a 15-year track record as an industry technology analyst, most recently as chief of research in the technology division at Omdia, where he led a team of analysts and consultants. Few people in the industry know more than Tom about tech across consumer devices, video platforms, media and smart cities.

Andrew Young

Research Director Andrew has ten years of experience as an industry technology analyst, most recently with Omdia.  He has worked on a wealth of projects, from market discovery for startups, regional analysis for consumer electronics giants, market sizing for video tech vendors and market profiles for investment and law firms.

Sam McLaughlin

Research Analyst Sam has five years’ experience as a technology, media and telecoms analyst, most recently with Omdia. He closely follows and advises on media and service provider technology, and has published a wide range of strategic analysis and insight on subject areas including media delivery and IoT.