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Caretta Portal

Caretta Portal is the most detailed and usable database available for buying, selling and marketing broadcast and media technology. It offers technology buyers and vendors unmatched insights into the industry, presenting real world data in a comprehensive and accessible digital platform.

Caretta Consulting

With combined industry experience amounting to more than 100 years and long-term relationships with an extensive network of key market players, Caretta Research provides strategic consultancy  for technology vendors and buyers. Whether your goal is understanding and targeting your potential market or identifying the most suitable solutions, we’ll help you save time, reduce risk, and lower costs.

How we work

Extensive online data and market tools in the Caretta Portal along with expert advisory are underpinned by our extensive industry data, vast network of decision makers and decades of experience.

Real - Relevant

  • Continuously talking directly with hundreds of technology buyers and vendors.
  • Analysing thousands of live technology deployments to understand how buyers actually solved a problem and how well it worked.
  • Creating real – world market segments and cohorts, based on who’s really buying or selling what and why.

Expert - Exhaustive

  • Our team of analysts has more experience of media technology in one place than anyone else.
  • Our data set is unmatched, spanning thousands of vendors, products, buyers, deployments, and market sizing.
  • We understand the products, buyers, and workflows as a result of our backgrounds within the industry, and our collaborations with leading organisations.

Agile - Accessible

  • We guarantee fast and responsive workstyles without bureaucracy and overhead.
  • All projects are broken down into sprints, resulting in timely, actionable and realistic deliverables every step of the way.
  • We operate openly, collaboratively and directly with clients, sharing work progress and direction, as to avoid surprises at the end of the project.

Accurate - Actionable

  • We empower your decision-making ability with flexible access to our live and evolving data set, driving quick and meaningful outcomes.
  • Your questions are answered candidly with high quality tailored advisory services resulting in the avoidance of expensive mistakes.
  • Our work connects technology buyers and suppliers in the most relevant ways.

Our outputs explained

Caretta Research offers a wide array of services that cater to vendors and buyers in the media technology sector which cover all points of production and distribution.

Account planning

Segmentation of potential customers based on analysis of actual buying behaviour, existing technology deployments and requirements.

Buyer feedback

Comprehensive insight into buyers’ thoughts on products through detailed reports created on the basis of extensive market research and peer-to-peer interviews.

Events production

The production of in-person, in-studio and digital events, live and recorded.

Go-to-market strategy

Strategies developed to bring new products / services to the market – eliminating risk through competitive market landscaping, buyer profiles, and in-depth marketing plans.

Market sizing

Evaluation of the total addressable and obtainable markets.

Product strategy

Interview-based evaluation of the pain points, needs and requirements of technology buyers, and analysis of how well a product fits those needs.

Vendor cost and pricing

Review of vendor product costs, as well as an assessment of the typical market pricing for similar products.

Vendor evaluation

Identification of the various vendors within the market and assessments of which vendor best suits your specific requirements.

Vendor profiles and landscape

Evaluation of messaging, and analysis of terminology and language used by competitors and buyers in evaluating a product or supplier.

White papers and reports

Branded or co-branded reports / whitepapers intended to show thought leadership to an audience as part of a marketing outreach strategy.


Co-branded webinars where thought leadership is provided in the context of a moderated discussion on a topic of interest.

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